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Sajco International the main suppliers of tools, items, equipment and machineries relating to mechanical, electrical, medical, security and safety to HIT - Heavy Industry Taxila.

In order to meet the requirement of our client we buy products from the importers and agents of manufacturers from UK, USA and Germany etc.

Sajco International is one of the fastest growing providers of information technology (IT), Engineering design and services in Pakistan. Since its founding in 2006, SAJCO has focused on the innovative application of information technology, Engineering design and services. Over this period we have remained an agile, customer-focused organization that provides our customers with the most highly experienced engineers and technical personnel in the industry. Our detailed knowledge of in-demand technologies and clear vision of customer goals, allows us to execute tailored services that meet or exceed customer requirements and needs. This includes developing partnerships and alliances with vendors, integrators and other service providers to deliver streamlined, complete solutions.

SAJCO services range from Industrial Computing to helpdesk support. In order to meet the changing demands of the Automated Engineering Solutions market and keep ahead of our larger competitors. Our exclusive services range from CAD/CAM/CAE to Rapid Prototyping and Product lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions to design and quality procedures to development and validation. These services have been incorporated in all of our solutions offerings.

With our long-term commitment to Public and Private Sector IT transformation and customer satisfaction, SAJCO has established a strong niche and successfully increased its presence in Pakistan's Market.

Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd. is a Pakistan based Education Consultancy Company inaugurated with the concept of providing highly professional Study Consultancy services to the target market. Sajco is operating with head office in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) and with the network of branch offices in all the major cities of Pakistan.

The objective of Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd is to focus on the Service development by rendering all the technical and professional services, differentiate the company as the paramount service provider in the market.

Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd. is following growth strategy by service development and market development concepts. We would differentiate our business from our competitors on service image basis. As far as other business requirements are concerned, we would head to head compete in quality, features, technology, and networks, to cope with the challenging business environment.

Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd. is pure marketing company, who understands trends in market and has deep observations on the changing market dynamics and are fully aware of our marketing mix. We design our offer in a manner, which is Complete, Authentic, Reliable, reasonable, and under the paying capacity of our clients. We promote our ideas by using the best possible and available resources in order to boost the goodwill and awareness about our self and our strategic partners (Affiliated Foreign Education Providers).

Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd key strength is their human resources who are highly skilled in this field and know the art of working in a professional manner, who keep themselves updated with the new amendments in Immigration laws and Education Providers policies.

Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd has set-up unique resources to give a step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our systematic approach and a network with Universities help students who apply through Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd.

Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future and provide best services to the overseas Universities, colleges and Institutes etc. Using our expertise and vast experience we can identify the most suitable College/University for each student. We are the stepping-stones to their future and remember that their success is directly linked to our success. Our Advisors live by a strict code of ethics and a set of values that are not merely etched in stone but are woven into the very fabric of the organization. Sajco Educational Consultant (Pvt) Ltd is a one-stop solution to all your international study need.

Our Network

The Sajco (Pvt) Ltd has an expanded network with the head office based in Islamabad-Pakistan.

Wide range of web and software application development and custom software programming services SajcoSoft's aim is to provide software solutions that will help your business grow and develop rapidly. To achieve this, we use a variety of software engineering, software integration, software programming, technology consulting, project management, and web application development practices. We can help you create business systems that will help your business and increase your existing profit. We are ready to use our expertise to help you create software that will meet your business needs in the best possible ways. To achieve this we are ready to use:

The broadest scale of technologies and skills

All our expertise to deliver premium application development quality at affordable costs.

Modern software programming processes that will generate profit for your business.

Our Aim

Our Software and Web Development solutions are solid & professional, inline to your requirements & market presence, converging business and technology approaches for better quality, lower cost and faster turnaround.

Our IT Professionals use the power and flexibility of ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, AJAX, VB.Net, C#, Java, XML along with powerful back-end databases including SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Access etc. to develop fast, stunning, interactive and live solutions in order to automate and simplify your business process and increase productivity. We are committed to serve you as your comrade in the drive towards your strategic business goals.

We have Tie-Ups with selected few clients across UK, USA & Canada, and we help them finding the right Centres across Pakistan, based on their needs. Some of the process natures are mentioned below- - Lead Generation - Survey - Direct Sales - Inbound Voice - Chat Support - Form Filling We have a business model, where in we, hold ourselves responsible till the end of contract. We do not believe in leaving a Centre alone with his struggle, nor do we show a golden picture where in no hurdles are to take place, rather, we go through all the hurdles hands in hands, along with Centre(s) at every point in time.